Woodbury Street Name History

Woodbury Streets by the Numbers

1875 – Woodbury had 30 miles of road, not including Military Rd, Bailey Rd, or Afton Rd
1950 – Woodbury had 37 miles of road
1964 – Woodbury had 57 miles of road
1991 – Woodbury had 142.6 miles of road
2007 – Woodbury has over 464 miles of road
Thus, if there is road, there is history!

A Forgotten History

Woodbury, Minnesota–a city driven by development and change. Less than twenty years ago, the city was an agricultural town with miles of rolling cornfields. Today, the city of Woodbury has been named the 11th Best Place to Live (Small Cities Category, 2012) in the United States by Money Magazine.

As the city’s population grows, the memories of Woodbury’s historical attributes continue to fade. It is the aim of this website to connect current citizens with Woodbury’s history by showcasing the historical background of some of Woodbury’s street names.

The history of this website

This website was created by Lisa Clinton from Senior Girl Scout Troop 2064 for her Girl Scout Gold Award Project. The Girl Scout Gold Award is the highest honor in Girl Scouting and is equivalent to the Boy Scout Eagle Scout. For her project, Clinton was approached by the Woodbury Heritage Society and asked to document the history of some of Woodbury’s street names. Lisa accepted the challenge and began her project in April of 2007. Under the guidance of her project advisor and troop leader Kathryn Ho, Clinton dug through Heritage Society archives, read a few books (including “Woodbury: A Past to Remember”), examined Heritage Society program transcripts (compliments of Cathy Hovda), interviewed street-history-saavy people (special thanks to Bernice Bielenberg, Ken Wolterstorff, Rose Heyerdahl, Bud Urtel, Ron Glubka, and Brent Skarsten), and spent countless hours in front of the computer researching online and creating, editing, and polishing this website. Clinton completed her Gold Award project’s website in August of 2007.

For more information about Lisa or her project please email her at woodburystreetnamehistory@gmail.com or use the forum on this website.

If you wish to make additions or corrections to the information about street names on this website, please contact the Woodbury Heritage Society to have the information added to the project.

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