Woodbury Street Name History

Woodbury Historical Streets G through L

Garbe Ave (Woodbury Heights)- Garbe Avenue was named after the Garbe Family, specifically, Paul Garbe, who was a member of the Town Board for 16 years. Paul Garbe was also quite influential on the local school board, for which he served for nearly 20 years.

Guider Dr (Classic at the Preserve)- Guider Drive was named after Dan Guider, a former mayor of Woodbury. Guider served the city of Woodbury for three terms as a city council member before being elected mayor for an additional three terms of service. Altogether, Dan Guider served Woodbury for 17 years in elected office from 1973-2000.

Hattie Ln (Woodbury Heights)- Hattie Lane was named after Hattie Zinschlag (nee Kuehl), the wife of Town Board member Ed Zinschlag. Zinschlag was a member of the Town Board for 20 years.

Heinbuch Trl (Homestead Hills)- Heinbuch Trail was named after the Heinbuch family, one of the first families to settle in Woodbury. The land of the Homestead Hills development was originally a part of the Heinbuch farm, which is why the street was named Heinbuch Trail. Yost and Jacobina Heinbuch came to Woodbury in 1868 and purchased 200 acres on the North West and North East sides of Tower Drive along Radio Drive.

Hudson Rd- Hudson Road was originally a territorial road which, hence the name, ran towards Hudson, WI. Hudson Road was the third road laid in Woodbury.

Jessie Ct (Park Place)- Jessie Court was named after Jessica (Jessie) Thone, daughter of developer and Woodbury resident Tim Thone.

Jewel Dr- Jewel Drive was named by Mr. Dornfeld, who owned the land and was a member of the Oakdale Town Board. Dornfeld didn’t like developers choosing street names, so he made sure that he would be able to select the street name when he sold his farm to developers. As Jewel Drive lined up with Jewel Drive in Cottage Grove and Jewel Drive in Lake Elmo (both cities used the standard alphabetical street naming plan), the street was named to coincide with the Jewel Drives in the other cities.

Jordan Ct, Dr (Carver Lake Meadows)- Jordan Court and Drive were named after Jordan Thone, daughter of developer and Woodbury resident Tim Thone.

Kalen Ci, Ct, Dr (Rolling Acres)- Kalen Drive and its offshoots were named after the second wife of developer Roger Nelson. Another street in Rolling Acres, Lynn Way, was named after Nelson’s first wife.

Lake Rd- Lake Road was named after Colby Lake, which, in turn, was named after the Colby family, the original owners of the land. See “Colby Lake Dr” for more information.

Lydia Bay, Ci, Ln (Windom Ponds)- Lydia Lane and its offshoots were named after Lydia Mahle. All of the streets in the Windom Ponds development were named after members of the Mahle family, as the Mahle family originally owned the land. See “Mahle Ln” for more information.

Lynn Way (Rolling Acres)- Lynn Way was named after the first wife of developer Roger Nelson. Another street in Rolling Acres, Kalen Dr, was named after Nelson’s second wife.

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