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Woodbury Historical Streets M through S

Mahle Ln (Windom Ponds)- Mahle Lane was named after the Mahle family, one of the original families to settle in Woodbury. Christian and Maria Heidel Mahle moved to Woodbury shortly after their wedding in 1859 and farmed the land surrounding their home on Woodlane Drive near Bailey Road. The Mahle’s original land is now the Windom Ponds development and all of the streets in the development were named after members of the Mahle family. Every year since 1888, the Mahles have held a family reunion on Thanksgiving Day.

Markgrafs Lake Al, Bay, Draw, Dr (Margrafs Lake)- Margraf’s Lake Drive and its offshoots were named after Margrafs Lake, which in turn was named after the Margrafs family.

Martha Ln (Woodbury Heights)- Martha Lane was named after Martha Scheel (nee Pribnow), wife of Erik Scheel, Woodbury’s first building inspector. See “Scheel Dr.” for more information.

Middleton Trail (Stonemill Farms)- Middleton Trail was named after the Middleton family, one of the first families to settle in Woodbury. William Middleton and his family emigrated from Ireland shortly there after. Middleton Elementary School was named after William Middleton.

Mile Dr.- Mile Drive was named because it was one mile in length.

Military Rd (County Rd 20)- Military Road was the first road in Woodbury, and it was surveyed in 1849 by Captain Stimpson. The road originally stretched 150 miles from Cottage Grove to Fort Gaines (Ripley), passing through Red Rock (Woodbury [Woodbury was known as “Red Rock” up until 1859 when the name was changed to “Woodbury.”The name was changed because there was a pre-existing town in Minnesota named “Red Rock” prior to the founding of Woodbury.]), St. Paul, and St. Anthony Falls. As the road led to Fort Snelling, it was used as an infantry route during the Civil War, hence the name “Military.”

Pioneer Dr.- Pioneer Drive was built in 1905 between Bailey and Afton Rd. It was shifted ¼ of a mile east of the section line (the original route) to better serve existing farms.

Pouliot Pkwy (Woodwinds)-Pouliot Parkway was named in tribute of Mike Pouliot, a former City Council member. Pouliot served Woodbury for nine years on the Planning Commission and eight years on the City Council, as well as on the Comprehensive Plan Task Force. Pouliot is currently Treasurer of the South Washington Watershed District.

Quarry Ridge Ln (Quarry Ridge)- Quarry Ridge Lane was named after the quarry that was originally near the development site.

Radio Dr (County Rd 13)- Radio Drive was named after the radio station (KDWB AM630), which was formerly located during the 1950’s where the State Farm building currently stands. Prior to being renamed Radio Dr, the street was known as Blacksmith’s Rd. and Saloon Keeper’s Rd.

Rae Ci, Ct, Ln (Wedgewood)- Rae Lane and its offshoots were named after Ray Antrim, a Minnesota insurance agency executive. Antrim was instrumental in the development of Wedgewood Park during the early years of the project, and thus, two streets in the development (Antrim Ct, Rd and Rae Ln) were named after him. The spelling of Antrim’s first name for use as a street name was changed from Ray to Rae for aesthetic purposes.

Rath Dr (Woodbury Heights)- Rath Drive was named for the Raths family, one of the first families to settle in Woodbury. The Raths family built the “Heritage House” located at the corner of Lake and Radio as an addition to a pre-existing farm house. There are a few theories as to why Rath Drive was spelled “Rath” instead of “Raths.” The first is that of pronunciation, as among the Raths family, some pronounce it “Ratz,” like the original German pronunciation, while others pronounce it phonetically as “Raths.” The modified spelling would favor the Americanized second pronunciation. It is more likely, however, that the “s” was dropped during the street naming process for the sake of convenience.

Salem Dr. (Salem Meadows)- Salem Drive was named after Salem Evangelical Lutheran Church. The church was founded in 1863 and still serves the city of Woodbury and surrounding areas from its current location on Bailey Road.

Scheel Dr.- Scheel Drive was named after Erik Scheel, Lorraine Raths’ father. Scheel was Woodbury’s first building inspector and consequently, spent a good amount of time working in the Woodbury Heights development when it was first being developed. The developer, noting Scheel’s great time commitment to the development, decided to name a street after him.

St. Johns Al, Bay, Ct, Dr (Fairway Meadows, Brookview Terrace, Powers Lake Overlook)- St. Johns Drive and its offshoots were named after St. Johns Lutheran Church. The church was founded in 1893 and still serves the city of Woodbury and surrounding areas from its current location on the corner of Valley Creek and St. Johns Drive.
Steepleview Rd (Royal Oaks, Royal ark, Steepleview Place)- Steepleview Road was named after the Woodbury Methodist Church’s steeple. The steeple is over 100 feet tall and was built in 1885.

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