Woodbury Street Name History

Woodbury Streets T through Z

Tamarack Bay, Cove, Rd – Tamarack Road and its offshoots were named after the nature preserve, which, in turn, was named after the abundance of tamarack trees that originally grew in the area. The Tamarack tree is unusual because it is a deciduous-coniferous tree. This means that while the tree has needles, like a coniferous tree, they fall in autumn, like a deciduous tree. Additionally, it is unusual that Tamarack trees grow in Woodbury, as they, being native to Canada and the North East Coast, are very rarely found at such a southern latitude.

Thone Ci, Ridge, Dr (Fairway Meadows)- Thone Drive and its offshoots were named after developer and Woodbury resident Tim Thone and his family.

Tower Dr (Country Rd 13A)- Tower Drive was named after the former airplane navigation tower located near the street. Originally, Tower Dr. was known the Buttermilk Road, as it was used by farmers to haul their whole milk to Newport for processing and then bring back skim milk for consumption.

Valley Creek Rd- Valley Creek Road was named after the Valley Creek. Valley Creek is a small creek that runs along the side of Valley Creek Trail in Afton. Certain parts of the creek support a trout population. Originally, Valley Creek Road was known as “Poor Farm Road” because it led to the poor farm in Ramsey County.

Woodbury Dr- Woodbury Drive was named after the city of Woodbury, which, in turn, was named after Levi Woodbury of New Hampshire. Woodbury was a lawyer, judge, and politician. He was the 9th US Secretary of the US Navy, the 13th Secretary of the Treasury, an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court, and would likely have been the 14th President of the US had he not died suddenly at the age of 61. Levi Woodbury was the first Supreme Court Justice to attend law school.

Woodlane Dr- Woodlane Drive was originally called Pig-Tail Alley because it was so curvy. At the time that it was built, roads were often shifted up to a quarter of a mile to allow access to a particular farm or to avoid certain terrain (such as a lake, swamp, or hilly area). When the road was straightened, it was given a more generic name, Woodlane Drive.

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