Woodbury Street Name History

City of Woodbury Street Naming Policy

1. Street names must not duplicate or be similar to existing street names.

2. Street names within developments should maintain a common theme, i.e. names of states, flowers, presidents, etc.

3. East and West streets must be roads. North and South streets must be drives. Meandering streets may be Boulevard, Curve, Lane, Trail, Way, etc.

4. Streets with the same name must be continuous from beginning to end. Exceptions to this rule may be made when roads are planned to be continuous as future development occurs.

5. Streets that extend more than one-half of a circle must be given two street names. (To allow for proper addressing)

6. Cul de sac names will be the same as the street from which it is extended with a typical cul de sac name extension. Typical cul de sac name extensions are Alcove, Bay, Circle, Court, Draw, Echo, Place, Plaza, Ridge, and View, Consecutive cul de sacs will have name extensions in alphabetical order beginning at the most northerly or westerly cul de sac.

7. With the exception of cul de sacs, duplicate street names with different extensions are not allowed.

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