Woodbury History Tour Is Back This August

Yellow flower in front of Miller Barn

The Miller Barn is on display in Brooke Schmitz’s Focus on Woodbury 2022 submission, Red Wood Yellow. Photo: Brooke Schmitz

By Bill Schrankler

Back by popular demand, the Woodbury Heritage Society is again providing the public a chance to take a trip through Woodbury’s past. On August 13 your voyage begins. Pick up your passport, map and directions at the Heritage House on the corner of Lake and Radio Drive any time after 1 p.m.

Be prepared to be amazed as you visit the 10 historic sights in Woodbury. After leaving the Heritage House, you can visit the sites in any order, but plan to end up at the Miller Barn located in Valley Creek Park. Along the way, you will visit a road built before the Civil War for the U.S. Army calvary to travel to Fort Ripley, including the waterhole where the calvary men watered their horses.

You will also visit homes of the earliest pioneers, the churches where they worshipped and their last resting places.

At each site, be sure to have your passport “stamped.” When you reach your last stop, you will be treated to Culvers, prizes, photo opportunities and a free family membership in the Woodbury Heritage Society. There will be a limited number of the society’s newsletters for you to take home and learn even more about Woodbury.

Contributed by Bill Schrankler, a member of the Woodbury Heritage Society. For more information, go to woodburyheritage.org.