Woodbury Registry of Historic Landmarks

Woodbury Heritage appointed a committee with the mission of creating a registry of historic landmarks in Woodbury. The registry would be the listings of historically significant buildings, districts, structures, sites, and objects and document their significance. Listings can help build community pride in the history of that community and its built environment. The committee believes that there are the property owners of an important landmark (house, barn, church, cemetery road) that is worthy of being in the registry. We invite you to consider applying for such a listing. The Woodbury Registry is far different than the National Register of Historic Places. The main differences include:

  • Does not restrict the use or improvements the property.
  • Does not require property owners to make improvements to their property.
  • Provides no tax incentives for preservation.
  • Does not qualify property owners for federal or state grants for preservation purposes.
  • Does not imply City interest or commitment to acquire or preserve properties

Benefits of having your landmark in the registry:

  • Historic homes and other landmarks are, well, historic! Living in one is a chance to connect with Woodbury’s past and the people who lived there.
  • Historic homes can offer considerable financial value to their owners. Well maintained historic dwellings often command a premium on the market.
  • Historic landmarks, especially homes, often last longer than new ones. The life expectancy of rehabilitated historic homes may well be longer than that of new structures.
  • Historic preservation increases property values. Studies across the country show that property values in designated National Registry and/or local historic districts either stabilize or increase. Nationwide, studies consistently illustrate that historic overlays benefit owners through higher property values and house sales.
  • Provides recognition of a property’s significance in Woodbury’s history, architecture, engineering, or archaeology.
  • To the owners many advantages, not the least of which is prestige. Being able to say your property is significant — whether because of its architectural style or its relationship to noteworthy historical events — is a surefire way to spark interest and increase value.
  • The WHS will work with you to obtain a plaque to publicly commemorate the heritage of your landmark.

Interested in having your landmark on the register?

If you would like to add your landmark to the register, please download the appropriate form from the link below and  email it to [email protected].