Valley Creek Park

Preserving Woodbury's historical heritage is of great importance to the Woodbury Heritage Society and its supporters. At this opportune moment the continued partnership between the City of Woodbury and Woodbury's Heritage Society is of significance to the success of Woodbury's Valley Creek Heritage Park.

How the Woodbury Heritage Society Could enhance the Valley Creek Park

The Miller Barn

  • Cultural interpretive center staffed by volunteers
  • Provide needed community meeting spaces
  • Displays from early American Indian life up to and including Woodbury's present day
  • Interactive videos of elderly residents who were part of the early days of Woodbury
  • The Miller Barn to be used for small community events
  • Historical event(s) to be held during the year hosted by the Woodbury Heritage Society

How The Miller Barn Will Benefit The Community

  • Educating the community at large regarding our past history, values and to gain an understanding of Woodbury today
  • Volunteers have a great impact on their community, often uniting the community as one. Volunteering also allows people to interact more and meet new people.
  • Schools and other group tours
  • Increasing park usage for community members due to the many areas of interest created by the Woodbury Heritage Society
  • Additional meeting rooms for community usage. Currently there is a shortage of meeting spaces for the community at large.

The Trails

  • Educational/Informative signs, or markers or historical pieces throughout the trails
  • Trails would not just be a path to travel on but would be enhanced with educational timelines of Woodbury's history
  • Schools, churches, groups and businesses could promote their own history creating a greater understanding of the origins of Woodbury
  • Creating a stellar park that would encourage visitors to our area which in turn would increase Woodbury's businesses revenue

How the farm-themed playground will benefit the community

  • Area to play for many ages
  • An opportunity to enjoy the outdoors
  • Playground would provide healthy ways to strengthen muscles
  • An outstanding area attracting many!
  • Instilling awareness of what aided Woodbury into the successful city that it is today
  • Creating a sense of community pride. This park would be a true "gem" for the City's residents through the park's uniqueness
  • Self or guided tours of the trails, which promote exercise and interaction with others
  • Creating partnerships that would provide feedback on what items/markers/signs would be best for trails. Possible sponsorships for the historical markings from families or business

Playground with a Farm Theme Near the Barn

  • A unique, fun and creative play are for families to play together along with community interactions while enjoying the playground area
  • Playground will carry out the theme of "farm life"
  • Would become a great attraction for many families
  • An area for picnic tables for community members to enjoy meals, the greater outdoors, and most of all the beauty of the park

The City of Woodbury is conducting a survey regarding the Valley Creek Park Project. It would be of help to weigh in on the survey, particularly the item “Interpreting Woodbury’s History”.